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Christina Lutters

web work & photos


Skills & Toolbox

I make websites. For design, I use a combo of Photoshop and Illustrator (CS4) and a healthy dose of inspiration. I write clean, standards-compliant HTML/CSS and craft Javascript (including JQuery) and PHP into effective websites. For the back-end CMS, I have experience with Wordpress, Joomla, ExpressionEngine, Blogger, and Tumblr.

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  • What goes into your website

  • 1Get the ball rolling and learn what's needed.
  • 2Get the project moving with a strong idea and clear PLAN.
  • 3Design the site, paint the picture, hammer out the code.
  • 4Test the site to ensure a flawless (321…)
  • 5Launch! Shoot the site into cyberspace.
  • 6Maintain site to keep it shining the brightest.

Personal site

design, HTML/CSS, PHP, JQuery

With this site, I wanted create a website to showcase my web work and photos with a design that felt like home. I created the icons in Illustrator, designed the site in Photoshop with a 24px by 24px grid and coded it with hand-written HTML5/CSS3 and Javascript, with an additional dash of JQuery.

365: Photoblog

design, HTML/CSS, ExpressionEngine

An extension of this site, 365 is my personal photoblog built using ExpressionEngine. It uses a minimal number of elements to put the focus on the image.

View live site .

The Muscateer

design, HTML/CSS, PHP, JQuery, Wordpress

The Mucateer is an event calendar that makes it easy to find events going on in Muscat, Oman:

If you ask him, he’ll tell you, “I’m a busybody. I’m the cool friend who knows what’s up. I’m a know-it-all, so you don’t have to be. I’m here to save your day.” He can be a bit cheeky.

The Muscateer calendar is dynamically generated from iCal and uses Wordpress for a CMS allowing the calendar to maintain itself indefinitely.

Since launching, the site receives daily e-mails of new events to be listed, ranks on the first page of Google searches for most listed events, and hundreds of visits per day (which is pretty darn good for a small country with <5% access to internet).

View live site .

Muscat Amateur Swimming Association

design, illustration, HTML/CSS, Wordpress

MASA is a newly formed group to promote swimming in coastal capital city of Muscat, Oman. From a casual group of swimming enthusiasts, the group has blossomed into an event organizing force that draws participants from Dubai and farther.

The site was specifically optimized to have a very low file size to accommodate the slow connections in Oman. It uses Wordpress for a quick and easy-to-use backend for people who'd rather be swimming than updating the info.

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The Charcoal Project

design, HTML/CSS, Javascript, Google Visualizations

My work with the Charcoal Project began as a design only, but became a continuing relationship as the Project has grown in readership and influence.

The mission of The Charcoal Project is to promote, facilitate, and advocate for the widespread adoption of clean burning technologies, sustainable fuel alternatives, and policies that support energy-poverty alleviation for those who depend on biomass as their primary fuel around the world.

The site uses Wordpress, a JQuery slideshow, and a Javascript accordion to display the site, but also incorporates an e-mail newsletter and Twitter feed. Most recently I built the Charcoal Index to display charcoal and fuel prices across the world with a custom Google Visualizations gadget.

View live site .

Daniel Island


Daniel Island is an award winning master-planned community in Charleston, SC.

The project involved a refresh of their site, while staying faithful to the established brand identity. Large photographs of Daniel Island's picturesque landscape set the tone of the website. The colors, fonts, and flourishes reflect the Island's southern charm.

Unfortunately, this project did not go live.



AFAR (American Federation for Aging Research) plays a major role in providing and advancing knowledge of aging and mechanisms of age-related disease by providing grants to talented scientists.

AFAR needed an new website to shift the groups image away from aging and toward forward-thinking research. This was accomplished with clean lines, solid typography and a grid as strict as the scientific method, all while staying grounded with the established branding.

Unfortunately, this project did not go live.


A few photos

Here's a small selection of some of my photos; If you would like to see more, I post to my photoblog, which has over 100 photos from this year.

Visit 365. .


A Little About Me

I'm Christina and I love the web (a little bit too much).

I grew up in New York's beautiful Hudson Valley. I developed my first photos at age six and discovered Photoshop a few years later in high school, around the same time I wrote my first HTML/CSS. In the years that followed, between getting my BA (International Relations, minor Civil Engineering) and living in China, Dubai and Oman, I put the pieces together: my love of computer art, an affinity towards organizing, and an engineering approach to solving complex problems. I've been building websites ever since.